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Align your mind, purpose and work to achieve personal and organizational breakthroughs

Our experiential retreat is more than simply seminars and lectures. Our experts guide you through immersive experiences to align your passion with your purpose and discover increased self-awareness, clarity and confidence. Through movement, activities, adventure and nature immersion, we will partner with you to help you reach your full potential.

Our Experiential Retreats

Our Leadership Rising Retreat provides women leaders the space and time to be fully present and explore their authenticity, all in a safe and magical environment! Rooted in the Personal Directions® assessment which gives participants powerful feedback on how they see themselves. This lays a solid foundation for both career development and personal growth.

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April 28-May 4, 2024

6-days, Women Only 

Mystica Resort, Costa Rica


Transform Your




Nature-Based Experiences

Unlike most retreats and seminars, Leadership Rising is focused on the mind and body. We provide an experience no board room could ever offer. Our retreat combines coaching with outdoor activities for an experience that awakens all the senses.


Secluded location in the rain forest of Costa Rica that is exclusive to the retreat participants.

Local grown meals, dipping pool, sauna, labyrinth, sanctuary.


Gentle activities that allow integration of the assessment and exploration of leadership authenticity.


What to Expect on Your Retreat

Attendees of Leadership Rising can expect to gain the following and so much more:

  • Newfound awareness of key skills and personality traits.

  • Increased efficiency as they learn how to recognize and prioritize what matters most.

  • New skills to help manage and handle stressful situations, including conflict resolution.

  • A customized roadmap for leadership success based on their individual traits and personality.

  • Authentic communication tactics to manage situations and teams effectively


Fun, engaging activities to spark inspiration and transformation


Leadership exploration and professional development


Kayak trip with spectacular volcano views


Networking with like-minded women leaders


Daily gentle hiking, and yoga


Individual on-site coaching with the leaders


Visit stunning and relaxing natural hot springs

Get inspired by our last retreat


“The retreat was transformational! The leadership facilitation with the adventure component was perfectly aligned. Adriana and Nancy did an amazing job from start to finish. Mystic lodge was magical and the perfect setting for this women’s leadership retreat. I plan to attend the next event. Thank you Adriana and Nancy!”


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